A Better Future for Israel

My family has lived in the land of Israel for centuries, where they still maintain a vineyard in Gedera. Having spent many years visiting the region, I feel a deep connection to the people of Israel, so it pains me to bear witness to the history of violence stemming from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has gripped the entire region. As your Congressman, I will work for the peace, safety and economic development of the region.

As an advocate for peace, I will urge Israelis and Palestinians to return to direct negotiations. A two-state solution is the only way forward. At the same time, I want to have greater oversight and regulation for US aid to the region, ensuring our money is going towards rebuilding communities and not for rockets or grenades. I want to foster an environment of trust where the mutual safety and security concerns for Israelis and Palestinians are met, independent of any outcome to negotiations.

Economic development is one way to build such an environment. For Palestinians, the current stalemate in negotiations has left their economic future uncertain. To this end, I propose setting up a microfinance bank to enable the Palestinian people to gain confidence and independence in their professional endeavors, thereby building long-term economic growth and stability. With direct investment in the Palestinian people, we bypass the likes of Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal, who have spent decades holding their people hostage instead of bettering their circumstances.

The search for uncontaminated groundwater on Long Island presents a unique opportunity where we could explore exciting new opportunities with Israel. An oasis in a sea of sand, Israel has pioneered technologies that reclaim moisture from our atmosphere and convert saltwater into potable water, eliminating the need to rely exclusively on groundwater. To better address the needs of our community, I will propose local partnerships with Israeli startups that have been successful in providing access to clean water as part of a broader infrastructure initiative.